Tag: Retirement

  • The Importance of Bathrooms

    Power outlets: YES | Bathroom: NO | Tranquility: GOOD | My-Life-Is-Great: Okay la I noticed a few things during my first week of retirement. First, I need a much better way to capture thoughts. There were more thoughts, they were more random, and they were more fleeting. This was likely because I wasn’t in the confines […]

  • Dick Around Effectively

    #nowbrewing •1 As I am moving into a lifestyle where time is less defined, the first thing I will try to figure out is how to mold my days so when I look back, I have a higher chance to objectively conclude that my time has been well spent. There will be commitments I will […]

  • Life’s nasty mud wrestling battles

    The single most persistent struggle during the past 20+ years of my corporate life, was the battle of time spent: How am I managing my time? Am I spending my time meaningfully? How can I find more time to spend to do X? Or frankly, more often than not, it was just this occasional and […]