The Importance of Bathrooms

Power outlets: YES | Bathroom: NO | Tranquility: GOOD | My-Life-Is-Great: Okay la

I noticed a few things during my first week of retirement.

First, I need a much better way to capture thoughts. There were more thoughts, they were more random, and they were more fleeting. This was likely because I wasn’t in the confines of traditional work. I no longer needed to spend time thinking about a meeting, or preparing a spreadsheet, or approving stuff. My brain was wide open to assaults.

Second, I need to plan my hours differently. Time passed differently. At times, it felt faster. Other times, it didn’t move. Pace felt very differently. I know this sounds esoteric, and no I didn’t take drugs.

Third, I need to review my relationship with online-ness. Notifications were like constant taps on my shoulder, except unlike real taps on my shoulder, where people would actually consider my state at that moment, notifications do not care. They just knocked and knocked. They were incredibly distracting.

Fourth, I pee a lot (and bathrooms were important). The reason why I noticed this was because I had to look for bathrooms often. In the office, that was never a problem. I have yet found a coffee shop where I wouldn’t lose my highly coveted spot with a power outlet when I had to leave topee. Yea, FML. Haha.

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