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As I am moving into a lifestyle where time is less defined, the first thing I will try to figure out is how to mold my days so when I look back, I have a higher chance to objectively conclude that my time has been well spent.

There will be commitments I will have to do: finish up with the renovations, repair my kids’ incorrect perception of the male figure in the family, things that will take some load off of my wife’s mission to grow robots on Jupiter, learn to not mix up salt with sugar …

Time poorly spent, as I have learned in the last 20 years, is when I sacrificed time for some imaginary future. Or to be less pretentious, now that I have retired, technically I will have fewer of these sacrificial wishful meaningless tasks, I should learn how to dick around more effectively.

In terms of how, there is one thing I have learned from my failed journey to 4.5 pack abs: baby tweaks.

Instead of reducing or removing carbs in every meal, remove carbs from breakfast, get you to reduce your carb intake by up to 33.33333%. Or if you want to become a faux vegan, instead of eat only veges on Monday, just make sure you eat more veges than meat during your lunches or dinners. Find the little small baby tweaks in your lifestyle.

Trying to eat broccoli and chicken breast and salad every day will work and then not work, because when your tongue revote and overtake your consciousness the ensuring guilt from dipping salty egg fish skins into that bucket of cheap ice cream will cripple you with unnecessary mind-body-soul suffering. Trying to work out every day at 5 am will not work, because the energy spent dragging yourself out of bed at that ungodly hour will kettlebell your brain to exhaustion.

Find a handful of baby tweaks, let it go when you mess up, recite “good enough, good enough” to yourself often, and publish it on Facebook instagram and LinkedIn.

So, back to the present moment. Here are the baby tweaks I will slide into my days:

Read a short blurb of Chinese and then write a short blurb of Chinese, a few times a week.

Read some book about writing less like a ESLese, steal one idea from it, write something base on it, a few times a week. Hello semicolon.

I will start here, it’s good enough.





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