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  • Read smarter with Readwise and Drafts

    Read smarter with Readwise and Drafts

    Two apps that make taking and reviewing reading notes simple and enjoyable. I used to highlight in the Kindle, and use a notes app to write things down from books, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Now, I use Readwise.io and Drafts. Readwise makes reviewing your reading notes easy and delightful. It connects to your Kindle and captures […]

  • The Case for Cheap Micro-Successes

    The Case for Cheap Micro-Successes

    I needed a boost for my ego. enlivenworks.com, the website of my little leadership coaching gig, is up. It was built with WordPress, an unnecessarily more complicated option, instead of WIX or Squarespace. I wasted hours on it, because I was too proud. I was good at building websites. I built the site of a Student […]

  • Most useless hack: Morning routines of successful people

    She wakes up at 4:30 am. After two glasses of water, she heads to the gym for a 1 hour HIIT workout and weight training. She takes a cold shower, followed by a 25 minutes mindfulness meditation. Her breakfast includes nuts, yogurt, vegetables, and coffee. She is ready to take on the world before 7 […]