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  • Understanding Comics

    Understanding Comics

    I finished the book “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud. It was written in the mid 90s. I already miss the book. The author helped me understand why I felt the way I felt while reading comics- how time transpired, how emotions manifested, how actions were imagined …. He also contrasted the comics between the east […]

  • Become an Educator

    Become an Educator

    “In such uncertain times, does it still make sense for me to continue my “career”?”  “What are the most direct ways for me to make a difference in today’s chaotic world?” “How should I take my first step?” These were the most common questions applicants to the [Island Waldorf Teacher Training Program] asked themselves. Like […]

  • 3 articles I read in 2018 that took me to school

    Autumn @ the Island Waldorf School Hong Kong; Some ridiculously handsome guy enjoying forking lettuce; Lisa Jackson and the blue marble “Making 2018 Meaningful”: Part 1: Articles “Why we fell for cleaning eating”, The Guardian What it was about: How #cleaneating is becoming more and more like a cult movement, because it is stubborn/tenacious, emotionally divisive, irrationally […]

  • Mindful dining, mindful running, and now mindful (aka slow) learning too?

    Mindful dining, mindful running, and now mindful (aka slow) learning too? My daughter spent 1 week learning the letter “d” at her Waldorf school. “Prussian blue was walking back and forth. It then decided to crawl up. Then came chrome yellow, and it was naughty. It stepped over the path Prussian blue walked, and made […]