Mindful dining, mindful running, and now mindful (aka slow) learning too?

Mindful dining, mindful running, and now mindful (aka slow) learning too?

My daughter spent 1 week learning the letter “d” at her Waldorf school.

“Prussian blue was walking back and forth. It then decided to crawl up. Then came chrome yellow, and it was naughty. It stepped over the path Prussian blue walked, and made everything green. It then decided to use the body of Prussian blue as a swing. It swung. And swung. And swung, from right to up, and around. All the swingings were actually quite tiring! Chrome yellow’s swings were getting shorter, and soon it decided to hang on to the trunk of Prussian blue to rest, like a little ball. Prussian blue had had enough, and decided to wrap around chrome yellow, so it wouldn’t annoy anyone anymore.”

Yea. She had fun. She learned fancy color names. She learned new violent verbs. She learned the magic of color mixing. But those weren’t the most shocking.

This is the pace of how she is learning everything. Every alphabet, addition/division, every darn Chinese character. At this rate, she would remain illiterate until … Elon Musk lands on Mars. Compared to other kids, she is almost idiotic.

It’s almost impossible to not to worry. When she had play dates, she would be constantly reminded how “dumb” she was. Yea. Kids are just mean. They loved to compare everything, and nothing stood out for my girl. She couldn’t spell. She couldn’t even write most lower cased characters. She couldn’t figure out how much change she should get from the ice cream she bought.

Of course I have things to be hopeful of: perhaps she is a better story teller. Maybe she has more patience. Maybe she is better at delaying gratification. Maybe she draws better.

Maybe in the world of YouTubes, Sailor Moons and L.O.L. Surprises…

(here is a perfect YouTube video of what L.O.L toys are:)

We at least will now have memories of our daughter drew with Prussian blue block crayons.





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