Honestly (The 2021 WhatsApp Exodus)

The day I saw the pop-up on WhatsApp, I decided to try and ditch WhatsApp (again).

What was I thinking at that moment, honestly?

I did not even think about looking into it deeper. I felt it was an ultimatum, and I decided to ditch it. I ditched Facebook because of how much it took away from my attention and how feeble I felt trying to combat that “addiction.” With WhatsApp, it was more on the privacy front, which honestly, wasn’t something I looked into deeply.

I didn’t think through why iMessage was better or worse. I did choose Signal because it was decidedly the most private messaging app.

But honestly, I mindlessly joined the WhatsApp is stealing my data bandwagon.

Then DHH brought up the fact that iCloud backup was not encrypted. I immediately rejected his claim, given his rhetoric against Apple. I didn’t even try to verify, even though I actually knew Apple had the encryption keys. I did think it’s only data stored on servers in China. Again, honestly, I did not look into it when DHH brought the fact up. I discredited him, and mentally skipped through it.

Then Ben Thompson summarised it. My regards for him made me read through it. I fought the labelling he had on those who were “people who scarcely paid attention to tech at all.” Then, eventually, I accepted that I was very mindless throughout the ordeal. I need to be honest with myself.

I pride myself on being thorough. I also know I am a sheep. In fact, I have little confidence in my ability to not be a sheep.

But I am trying to work on this. Honestly.






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