I was up in toronto this past weekend and went to my first NBA playoff game: the 76ers vs the Raptors. It was a good game but not a great one. the sixers lost… but they won the series eventually.
I spent the whole morning reading about AI. A lot of great articles or him up on espn.com. He had gone through some tough times, but man, he is a heck of a player. With heart and character.
I think in a way I like him … because he is not perfect. He is more human. He is more approachable, so to speak. It is 5-10, maybe 6 feet, so he is not THAT tall … i think i will be around his neck or chest . He had many problems with his coach and authority. However, he is innocent, and he has a pure passion for basketball. He would play whenever he could: on the court, or even shooting with tube socks.
I dislike carter, and kobe, or maybe i should say i don’t feel as attached to them. They are good, but they are …. not AI. Carter is a boring person, normal, not fun to listen to. Kobe is too perfect. He speaks with poise and always know what to say. He seldom trips in interviews. too composed.
anyways, gotta go back to wrk. I will be unstaffed too but no yet.
Yes you can do it, as long as you put your heart into it.