Today’s date: 07/13/2001

[Beijing won! and i can’t pinyin!]
Today Beijing won the olympics bid for 2008. 2008, I will be 32 years old. This is definitely one of the most exciting things that has happened to China. I am very happy for the country. Although many people argued that China shouldn’t get the bid, because of its human rights problem. To me, this is true to a certain extend, however, I believe in 8 years time [8!? what!?], a lot will happen, and I am positive that China will become a better nation, and by 2008, the Olympics will be a proof of that.

I wanted to write this because I want to look back in 7 years time and still be able to feel how I feel today [yes!! I am glad I wrote this blog!]. I listened to the national anthem over and over again. I remember when I first learned the song, I learned it in the mandarin class back in Michigan. We all thought it was kinda joke. But the teacher, Chen Chin Hai [Chen Qing Hai. Not bad.] ( dunno how to spell it rite) said, ” everytime I hear the anthem, I have emotions running through my whole body, and I can’t help myself but cry.” I guess I kinda understand how that felt. My whole body shivered and my heart was filled with national pride. I guess I feel I am part of the Chinese race, and even though I hate the government, I still love my country.

oh well, enough said, let’s mark today on our calendars: the calendars in our heart, and let’s hope that this will be a new beginning for china, a new hope.

Chi lai, bu yuan gu lo lee da ran men….. [起來,不願做奴隸的人民] ( right arm levels right across my chest)