gees! i will be going to xinjiang tomorrow! this is the first long break i have since i joined my current company. i have to say the moves that happened in my team allowed this to happen. i have a strong backfill/shadow/duplicate that i felt 100% confident that he could manage the business for me for 10 days. this… actually sounds quite pathetic…

there was so much to do right before the trip. shit just piles up every second. madness. it takes a team to decide which lightbulb to change. and this really drains the energy out of everyone.

i am sick of hk. i mean working in the hk team. we had a major big ass pitch back today after the 3 days marathon meeting. i knew it. nobody really cared about hk. no questions (only 1) were asked. i didn’t think we did that well, but everybody congratulated us as if we’ve won an oscar or something. no i am not kidding. “very good!” “wonderful!”

sadly, i think among the team, i am the only few that has been presented/done regular pitchbacks to the regional team. my counterpart and i both knew that nobody would care, and we really … didn’t give a shit about it. well, i guess no matter what, we still should work hard and try to make it wonderful. the way i see it is, a good presentation is one that prompts people to think, to ask questions, to want to dig deeper to understand your reasons, your ideas. a good presentation invites interests. not one that people can’t wait to get over with.

anyway, i am bored with this small pond (not that i am a big fish). there are some opportunities on the horizon. but which would actually materialize? i dunno, and i am not going to get my hopes high. i am just going to focus hard on xinjiang and my wife in the next 10 days.

did i mention that it is 1am and we have to get onto a bus at 5am? and did i mention on the way back to hk we will get back to hk at 2am, and i have to get on a flight to beaverton at 8am?








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  1. s tsui Avatar
    s tsui

    it was 12 days and it was super fun. 🙂