On Fire!

Team USA was on fire today. Spain played a great game, but Team USA did even better. They shot a ridiculous 60% from the field (46% from the three point line). Spain was not that bad either: 51% (47% from the three point line). This is the kind of stat one could get only in nba2k8 ….

It is unbelievable when you see athletes getting hot like this. This is especially special because the whole team was freaking hot. This tends to happen more often in Basketball (well you won’t see a soccer player getting on fire in one game and scored 5 goals in a row that often. But football players do get hot much longer … say for a season “C. Ronaldo this year? Ronaldinhno 2-3 years ago? ). These shooting streaks are often hard to understand. I personally have only experienced it twice throughout my basketball “career”, if there is one. My shots just kept falling, no matter what I did. (sadly, the second time I got hot was the same game when I twisted my knee super badly the first time) I think there were some really hot chicks on the courtside hence I got real hot (with the ball, not physically getting hot. Now that doesn’t really change that often on the fly). 😛

I have experienced this on-fire-ness elsewhere though … definitely not in my music life, but strangely, it happened every now and then when I write. You just get really inspired, and words/themes/topics just keep coming nonstop. Sentences seem to flow automatically, and paragraphs connect with paragraphs effortlessly.

er, an example? er …. haha .. how about this one (at least this is my personal favorite)?

12/03/2003 – 林振强与主撚鸠

I have included a MTV to enhance your experience of my on-fire-ness. 😛