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  • Beijing 08 and Nike

    Today we had our season kick off meeting. As expected, the majority of the meeting was about the Olympics. It was great to listen to our leadership team to recap on what we have done. Most interesting of all, it was great to hear her narrating the thought process and the plans behind the things…

  • Doubles

    Remember my fav tennis athletes? Zheng Jie and Yan Zi? They are so adorable. And apparently the designer that designed their shoes also thinks so. Look at their shoes. Here are some product shots: 这两双网球鞋分别为一金,一红。属于郑洁的鞋子后面印有金色的“郑”和无色的“晏”,同样,属于晏紫的鞋子后面印有金色的“晏”和无色的“郑”,表现出这两位选手不仅在赛场上配合默契…… 而且在生活上形影不离。此外,设计师从她们生活的细节中也得到创作的灵感,晏紫非常喜欢泰迪熊,无论在哪里比赛,她都随身携带褐色的小熊,小熊成为她生活中不可缺少的一部分,陪伴她走过训练和比赛… 同样,设计师细心地观察到在郑洁的背包上也悬挂着一个白色的小泰迪熊,这个可爱的小熊每次都在赛场边静静地观看比赛,为郑洁祈福…… 于是,设计师在两人的鞋舌上分别设计了代表两人不同个性的泰迪雄标志。褐色的泰迪雄臂长腿长,可爱地像极了晏紫;白色的泰迪雄丰满圆润,也像极了郑洁……. Hmmm … so adorable …

  • On Fire!

    Team USA was on fire today. Spain played a great game, but Team USA did even better. They shot a ridiculous 60% from the field (46% from the three point line). Spain was not that bad either: 51% (47% from the three point line). This is the kind of stat one could get only in…

  • My Personal Olympic Experience

    Bird’s Nest 8/18/2008 We witnessed Liu Xiang historic withdrawal 🙁 More Pics Here 五棵松 8/20/2008 China vs Lithuania Men’s Basketball I left during half time.

  • Pins

    (these are not the pin I got, just a pretty pic of a lot of pins 😛 ) Nicole and I were sitting near the aisle. Next to us were two retired Americans. They were … retired, and had the size of retired people … so during half time, they asked if we would like…

  • it is almost here; it is almost done

  • Afghanistan

    Nikpai Rohullah (lower left corner) Bronze Medalist – 58KG, Taekwondo. First medal for Afghanistan, ever. Afghanistan sent 3 men and 1 woman to the Olympics.

  • Done

    17 Days. Endless Games. Nonstop emotional roller coasters, especially when the games were shown by CCTV. Words like 泪水/奋斗/梦想 bombarded viewers to emotional submission … Thanks Beijing, thanks sports. This was the best way for me to kill time during my lonely first 2 weeks in Shanghai. I didn’t have to worry about not having…

  • My Favorite Beijing Olympics Ad from Sports Brands

    黄皮肤,用汗水洗脸; 黑眼睛,用斗志点亮; 我的脊梁,中国造! ANTA,永不止步。

  • 😛

    She is cute. 章硕, 1.72m (-_-‘) 艺术体操 北京2008奥运 银牌