I stepped on shit today (年初三)

I want to write something down. I must remember today. Today was one of the more memorable days in my life. Early in the morning, I went nike free 0.0 on Happy’s warm and moist poop. It was disgusting, and it was certainly not the best way to start a day.

I kept thinking, “this is bad. this is bad.”. but all my friends on the web told me this was a good luck sign.


hell, no.

First, we didn’t win shit at the new year raceday. none. it was pathetic.

Then we found out that Yoyo, now 18 years old, was probably having kidney failure. He hadn’t been drinking anything, but he would just stand in front of the bowl. and he was puking a lot.

then someone close to me went to the hospital. it was scary.

the good thing is, my friend seems okay now. we dunno what will happen to yoyo tomorrow, but i am prepared for the worst. well, i guess i should take it back because i dunno how my brother and mom would react.

warm and moist dog poop. bare foot. definitely not a good sign.



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