79 things in 279 days:

1. I have lived in 5 different rooms.

2. I have posted way too much on Facebook and they actually drove some of you crazy. (Fuck it’s david siu washing my board again!)

3. and I know if you also follow me on weibo you would be seeing double rainbows all the time.

4. I know how to apply for disability benefits.

5. and I know the official definition of ๆ™บ้šœ.

6. I have learned to control how to fart silently. Originally I was actually trying to learn to make an odorless fart (by spreading out the fart) โ€ฆ.

7. I know eggs are not bad for you. Milk is though.

8. I have had more than 10 arguments with random people on the streets.

9. Most of them were taxi drivers and men. None of them was from the PRC.

10. I have concluded that the pricer a car is, the more ridiculously unintuitive its dashboard will be.

11. I have gone to 4 different gyms.

12. I have watched the rise and fall of a hot dog place and an ice cream place, and learned the difference between junk food and really junky food.

13. I have consumed close to 100 ้›ž่›‹ไป” and ่ ่˜ฟๅŒ….

14. I learned a lot about mormonism.

15. I have liked 79 new pages on Facebook.

16. I learned about the history of major bike brands.

17. I lost 10 pounds and gained 4.5 packs of abs.

18. I walked from Sai Wan to Tin Hau, regularly.

19. I have witnessed a success of a friend’s iPad magazine.

20. I have finished a ๆฐด็…ฎ้ญš and ๆฐด็…ฎ็‰› in one sitting with a bigger friend.

21. I have also urged this bigger friend to take up on a business opportunity that I think will work for sure.

22. I have learned the history of typewriters, and names of the major brands, and how to change the tape.

23. I experienced the benefits of whole grains versus refined grains.

24. I know what “drop” means and why it is critical in a shoe.

25. My favourite drink is carrot bitter lemon juice.

26. I have concluded that obesity is only a measurement but also a choice.

27. I sang Karaoke only once.

28. Most of my posts on Facebook were about Nike, Apple and the word “ok”.

29. I know where to find my favourite warm ่ ่˜ฟๅŒ… and not so warm ่ ่˜ฟๅŒ…ใ€‚

30. I showed up to these stores within the first week they were opened: wonderdong, state of the art cole haan popup store, club monaco men’s store, eslite, pure gym cwb, hysan place, apple store in festival walk, LabMade Ice Cream, Lab Concept.

31. At one point I was using 7 different apps concurrently to keep track of my life.

32. I have bought 4 pairs of shoes. 1 Vibram and 4 Nikes (woven Free, Inneav, roshe, mayfly woven), but received a lot of free nikes (thanks you all).

33. I have come across at least three new online fashion shopping websites.

34. I read 14 books. 11 of them on kindle.

35. I have found the Windows phone UI very intuitive and creative.

36. I have created a total of 11 different Facebook friends lists so hopefully I won’t be annoying that many people โ€ฆ.

37. I wrote my third resignation/farewell letter at Nike.

38. I have been getting less than 5 emails a day.

39. I know who the major tattoo artists are in HK.

40. I also know what an ugly tattoo looks like.

41. There are 5 restaurants where the staff knows what my order would be.

42. I know who are the celebrities that went to montessori and waldorf schools.

43. I know why most gym goers don’t really lose weight/gain definition.

44. I know why I don’t think minimum wage works.

45. I have discovered the best place to bring a kid to: the toy library.

46. I know where to buy Hanes tees in HK.

47. I think fastcodesign.com has overused the word “design”.

48. I learned that MC Jin, Lucia, Johnny and the guy who sold me the typewriter are christians.

49. I also learned that Mitt Romney, Christina Aguilera, Clayton Christensen, Edwin Catmul, Danny Ainge, Jim Jannard, J. Willard Marriott are mormons.

50. I renovated an apartment.

51. I have had 3 fuel bands.

52. I have become mayors of 5 new places on foursquare.

53. I have bought my first kickstarter product. It’s an aluminium ball pen. It’s gorgeous.

54. I know where some taxi drivers pee at night. No, not in toilets.

55. I know what the term “charismatic christian” means.

56. I know the difference between sweating and fat burn.

57. I know where drug addicts hang out.

58. I have successfully learned how to trick myself with cues.

59. I learned that we never had real Kobe beef in HK. They never exported it until very recently.

60. I have bought 2 new phones.

61. I know the calories of a bowl of rice is just as much as a can of coke, but the sugar in the coke will kill you quicker than the carbs in the rice. And more likely than not, most of us are consuming too much of both.

62. I can run barefooted.

63. I have realised that I hated background music, be it in the gym or while I was surfing the web.

64. I still don’t know why policemen love to search me.

65. I know cheap iPhone cables are shit because of two major reasons: I pulled them too much, and the 30 pin connector is a complicated piece of electronics.

66. I know where to find lofts and how much they cost to rent. and I think they are overpriced because you are living right next to shirtless men, trucks and scrapped metal.

67. I can confirm that only dri-fit tees stink.

68. I know fear is indeed an illusion. My daughter demonstrated it beautifully every single time at the beach.

69. and I know kids don’t need pacifiers.

70. I have bought the most clothes from Global Work. I don’t know why.

71. but the favourite clothing I newly acquired was free and was from the brand that has a jumping man on it.

72. I trained myself to fall asleep even with taxi drivers and drunkards shouting outside of my window.

73. but I still couldn’t ignore the woman next dorr that used to weep every single night.

74. I have found the quickest route to get to Wanchai from the Peak on foot.

75. I have learned that formula is bad for kids way more than most people think.

76. and I still think salad tastes like shit.

77. I have come to learn the true meaning of ripple effect, collateral damage, or any of the cliches that say the same thing.

78. I have learned that the luxury of having unlimited time to dwell on something could be beautiful and extremely dangerous.

79. and I have also learned that the absence of noise was also most deafening.

I am sharing this with you guys because each one of you had something to do with some part of this journey. Some of you gave me leads to new opportunities, some of you replied to my Facebook posts and kept me occupied, some of you helped me discover new things, some of you continued to inspire me. So thanks. Also I want to write these down, because tomorrow when I put on that shirt which has an embroidery that takes 4,235 stitches to make, when I get back to becoming a part of the real world, and when I start to feel bored again, I can come back to this post, and try to remember what life was like when I had all the time in the world.




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