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  • New Piano Teacher

    New Piano Teacher

    We are changing our daughter’s piano teacher. Our girl is 10. She can play a few songs. Nothing fancy. She doesn’t hate it. She doesn’t love practicing either. The chance for her to become a pro is zero. The new teacher asked her to play a song. Maybe 1/3 way through it, he asked her…

  • 💩

    He pee-ed in his pantsI made him wear a diaperHe pooped into it

  • 男人篇之侍產假



  • “The Education System is Broken”: A parent’s cop out.

    Which one am I? A parent who wants to figure out how to educate his kids, or one who wants to outsource education of his kids? What exactly am I asking for? My kids will be happy if I send them to a school, or my kids will be happy if I work together with…

  • Mindful dining, mindful running, and now mindful (aka slow) learning too?

    Mindful dining, mindful running, and now mindful (aka slow) learning too? My daughter spent 1 week learning the letter “d” at her Waldorf school. “Prussian blue was walking back and forth. It then decided to crawl up. Then came chrome yellow, and it was naughty. It stepped over the path Prussian blue walked, and made…

  • Sh💩t my daughter made me eat.

    Yay! My daughter likes to cook 🥚. What I didn’t realize, was I needed to eat them all. She got to experiment however (the fxxk) she wanted with eggs, because we have been on the “positive reinforcement/you can try anything/everything tastes great” parenting bandwagon. And boy, I have literally tasted the price of unconditional love.…