Keep Calm and Drink 4 bottles of Coke

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We I don’t think Charlie Munger has six pack abs.

Einstein and Buffett played the violin and the ukulele, respectively.

We have yet found a Centenarian that did HIIT.

And then we all try to find hacks, summarizations, reductions, to crack the code of longevity.

Yet no matter which path I go down, it always seems to lead to a few things …

  1. Just make a walk really good*
  2. 2. Use your brain. (Reading inspiring leadership articles on LinkedIn doesn’t count)
  3. 3. Drop your passions, aka chase after nothing. (More on this when my brain is somewhat more clear)
  4. 4. Sleep really really well.


* good can mean one that is very mindful. Good could mean a walk with someone that the magical chemistry of the minds make you wander to completely random places. Good is likely about regularity, and intensity of both the mind and the body during the walks.





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