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  • The Comfort of Charlie Munger

    The Comfort of Charlie Munger

    In Boston, inside a quiet mall, the chilled air on the sixth floor held a hint of men’s cologne and new suits–a stark contrast to the late afternoon summer heat outside. I was there, pushing my son, fast asleep in his stroller, while my wife and daughter were shopping elsewhere. I listened to the ‘Berkshire…

  • Life Truths @10 August, 2021.

    Strive to live honestly, not always happily. Strive to have what we need, not what we want. Strive for what is true, not what feels true. I need to remind myself things like this all the time. I also need to revisit them all the time, because I seem to suck at remembering them. Perhaps…

  • 苦.集.滅.道.慈.悲.喜.捨.


  • What’s Keeping Me Up At Night 😨

    The 2020 election did not resolve this crisis of legitimacy. It found two Americas, very evenly divided, and at war with one another. Andrew Sullivan Our viewpoints. My wife’s and mine. The world is polarised. But I am not sure if she and I would agree on this. We are more susceptible to influence than…

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  • Keep Calm and Drink 4 bottles of Coke

    Image source: Source: https://www.stedavies.com/learning-machine/ We I don’t think Charlie Munger has six pack abs. Einstein and Buffett played the violin and the ukulele, respectively. We have yet found a Centenarian that did HIIT. And then we all try to find hacks, summarizations, reductions, to crack the code of longevity. Yet no matter which path I…