Month: June 2019

  • 自來熟阿伯


  • Get a Coach, Because 💩 Reveals

    When some shit hits the fan, additional shit reveals. When a flight is delayed, you see who has the courage to speak up, who complains kindly, and who is the Buddha. When a waiter misses your order, you see who is rude, who is impatient, who needs constant validation, and who overeats. When your boss…

  • 冇期望就冇失望;唔食飯就唔會肥


  • Grouchy Musings of a Grump

    Grouchy Musings of a Grump

    Image Source: As I wilt into old age, I have a few life goals left. One of them is “Don’t be grumpy”. Age brings knowledge; age also brings experiences. Wisdom forms when knowledge and experiences marinate. When wisdom meets impatience, which is the unwillingness to entertain with those who do not yet have the knowledge,…

  • Experts convinced me we will end the world. What can I do?

    Recently I came across discussions on various extinction and doomsday scenarios. Yuval Harari eloquently warned us against global warming, nuclear wars and “When Biologists meet Technologists”. He reassured us that general AI would not be a threat, because all AI needed to do, in order to manipulate us, was to merely knew us better than…

  • 乾熨斗的和弦



  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama, WTF?

    In this video, a few folks asked his Holiness, “How to rid oneself of negative thoughts?” As he provided his answers, the expressions of those people were absolutely priceless: utter confusion. I shared the same feeling. His answer had two parts: Stop being self centered. Accept reality as it appears. He discussed emptiness and selflessness.…

  • 好啦,我行啦。


  • The Importance of Bathrooms

    Power outlets: YES | Bathroom: NO | Tranquility: GOOD | My-Life-Is-Great: Okay la I noticed a few things during my first week of retirement. First, I need a much better way to capture thoughts. There were more thoughts, they were more random, and they were more fleeting. This was likely because I wasn’t in the confines…

  • 最仆街嘅game