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  • How to Hack Death

    Memento mori, a reminder of the inevitability of death, is now a life hack. There are even apps for that. But there is a more Lindy way to hack death. Live with your cross-generational families, and like 99% of our ancestors, you have no choice but to learn to live with 💀

  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama, WTF?

    In this video, a few folks asked his Holiness, “How to rid oneself of negative thoughts?” As he provided his answers, the expressions of those people were absolutely priceless: utter confusion. I shared the same feeling. His answer had two parts: Stop being self centered. Accept reality as it appears. He discussed emptiness and selflessness. […]

  • Dick Around Effectively

    #nowbrewing •1 As I am moving into a lifestyle where time is less defined, the first thing I will try to figure out is how to mold my days so when I look back, I have a higher chance to objectively conclude that my time has been well spent. There will be commitments I will […]

  • Stop wasting your time on life hacks

    https://www.demilked.com/shitty-life-pro-tips-hacks/ Hack this instead. There are so many life hacks out there: morning routines, brushing with your opposite hand, intermittent fasting, swallow a live frog … One trait about all life hacks (or hacks in general), is that they are meant to save you time by offering you “secret” hidden guilty-free shortcuts. While some of these […]

  • Buddhism was designed for life hackers

    Source: https://www.instagram.com/invaderwashere/ I am convinced that whoever designed Buddhism did kettlebell swings, used grayscale on her iPhone and brought her own coffee mug to order masala chai with almond milk. The fact that all these ridiculously vague stuff was so well summarized into bullet points convinced me that this person was a geek, or a […]

  • I Tried This Life Hack Bob Buford and Coach Raveling Swear By.

    2 appointments a day. Bob Buford and Coach Raveling are probably very different people. This is one thing they both do/did and preached. They both proposed to slow down and selfishly protect time for themselves by limiting the number of appointments to 2–4 a day. Bob reinvested his time to reflect while Coach spends the […]