Breathing Out

Hello Derek,
Today in Hong Kong, we went into another round of lock down because of the 3rd wave of the coronavirus. No dine-in anywhere, and I could not work in the coffee shop I normally went to. So I decided to listen to the “Hell Yeah or No” book and walked around the city.

About half way through, I already wanted to thank you. I thought, maybe I should try and make something that you might enjoy reading, in addition to “speaking words that give a body an inch of space.”

Whenever I walked and listened, the audio and visual images combined to form memories. I thought I could share a few of those with you.

The Route:

The Weather:

91℉, feels like 105℉.
Humidity = 62%

Happy, smart, useful.

Wait, I got confused. I have always wanted to be useful. Then you shared how you have moved away from only being useful. Or do I need to be happier and or smarter? Ok, clearly, I am wrong about something, it’s a bit scary, and that is great. Let me dig deeper.

Your son has perfect parents. Mine don’t. Wait, here is my imperfect mirror.

School doesn’t teach unlearning; uninstalling apps on windows machines is a dark art.

Mirror. It’s about me. Ok. Oh, I need to also remember that what I see in the mirror might be obvious to me, but amazing to others.

Inspiration, output; Breathed in, breathing out.




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