Unified Theory of the 10% Me

Some say, on the internet, people only get to see 10% of anyone.

Hence, all we need to do, is to make sure this 10% of us is clear and interesting. The opposite of that is the confusion it brings when this “10% me” is a random mixed tape of the “100% me.”

Grand Unified Theory

What is the unified theory of David Siu?

Hmm. πŸ€”

Let’s start with labels:

Dad, Husband, dude, middle manager, middle age, angry …

Hmm. πŸ€”

Let’s try interests:

Psychology, tech, some sports, human condition.

Hmm. πŸ€”

Let’s try the elevator pitch:

I get most excited when I learn something about human interaction.

Hmm. πŸ€”

Let’s try a commencement speech:

Today, I want to share with you 3 simple stories I wish I heard when I was your age:

  1. Your number 1 goal in life is to figure your shit out
  2. You will never completely figure your shit out
  3. Ride the edges, surf the waves, explore the cracks.

Hmm. πŸ€”

Let’s try an eulogy:

David tried hard, often too hard, to be useful. He was often too serious, even when he was taking a poop. Whenever he tried to be funny, those were his the most hilarious and embarrassing moments. He dedicated his life figuring shit out, from his own shit to shit between humans. He was a demanding, confused, and loving father. He wasn’t the most reliable husband, (but he tried hard, very hard), and he cooked 95% of all meals in the house. He enjoyed folding laundry too.

He leaves behind his very forgiving and accepting wife, whom he was forever thankful to, and two children.