Honestly (The 2021 WhatsApp Exodus)

The day I saw the pop-up on WhatsApp, I decided to try and ditch WhatsApp (again). What was I thinking at that moment, honestly? I did not even think about looking into it deeper. I felt it was an ultimatum, and I decided to ditch it. I ditched Facebook because of how much it took … Read moreHonestly (The 2021 WhatsApp Exodus)

The Case for Cheap Micro-Successes

I needed a boost for my ego. enlivenworks.com, the website of my little leadership coaching gig, is up. It was built with WordPress, an unnecessarily more complicated option, instead of WIX or Squarespace. I wasted hours on it, because I was too proud. I was good at building websites. I built the site of a Student … Read moreThe Case for Cheap Micro-Successes

Get a Coach, Because 💩 Reveals

When some shit hits the fan, additional shit reveals. When a flight is delayed, you see who has the courage to speak up, who complains kindly, and who is the Buddha. When a waiter misses your order, you see who is rude, who is impatient, who needs constant validation, and who overeats. When your boss … Read moreGet a Coach, Because 💩 Reveals

The Bruises from Being a Corporate Man for 20 Years

I have been a corporate person my entire life. Recently I had interactions with the real world. Those experiences unearthed bruises all over me. My ability to “don’t give a fuck” is artificially inflated. I thought I was thick skin. I spoke my mind. I didn’t care too much about how people thought of me. … Read moreThe Bruises from Being a Corporate Man for 20 Years

It Sucks To “Kind of” Know Your Values.

dilbert.com Here is a simple mind exercise that will help. It’s like the plank, but for the brain: It’s simple to do, tough while doing it, and afterwards your core will be stronger, and we know that’s a good thing … We know if we experience and do things that align with what we care about … Read moreIt Sucks To “Kind of” Know Your Values.