Why These Cliches Make Life Worse And Then Great

The purpose of life is finally obvious. It is not fun. It’s dull. It’s not romantic at all. Not something we would see in a super hero movie.

The purpose of life is to go through it, raise some human beings, do some good, do less bad, and see what happens.

But we lose sight of that. We ask ourselves seemingly useful but actually confusing questions, from “Am I being authentic” to “what is my passion” to “am I doing what I love” to “what is my purpose.”

We ask these because we don’t like reality. The fact is, we can’t bend reality just by asking these questions harder and more frequently.

The more you search for any passion other than being passionate about going through life, you are misguided.

Stop searching for the love of your life. The love of your life, is, yeah, life. mmhmm.

Stop searching for who you are, why you exist. You are this thing call you who is going through this thing call life. The rest, from your values to your beliefs to your rationalizations to your purpose, are the HOWs, not the WHY.

But I think we are wired to ask these stupid questions. I think they are coded in our brains. They are here to trick us into this spiral of searching for meaning and purpose and who we are. And every time, we either get stuck, or we come out of it, realizing, the answer is the reality, which is:

We are here to go through life, raise some offsprings, do some good, do less bad, and see what happens.

These stupid questions are by design. They are like self-cleaning functions inside our soul. Every now and then, they will spin up in our brains, lather up our minds, in order to get rid of the illusions we have accumulated in our brains. Rinse, flush, spin, and begin again.

Oh great. Thank you, smarty pants. So we are not supposed to change the world?

Well, if you ask yourself this question enough times, you will arrive at another destination, the only answer to this question:

We are all changing the world every moment of our existence.

Isn’t that enough for you?