Year 2020, in Cool Finds

I have been trying to ween off of social media in the last few years. I deleted my Facebook account. I tried to not use WhatsApp (but failed). I installed TikTok and had to throw my phone out of the window because TikTok was as powerful as The One Ring.

Since then, I continued to prune and adjust my social media footprint. Today, I satiate my desire to be liked on LinkedIn while keeping a private Instagram account for my own amusement. I keep a Twitter account to try to be less out of touch with the rest of the world.

In 2020, I decided to add a few things to nourish my social media diet:
1, Post everyday on LinkedIn, because it is my livelihood, I enjoy doing it, and it seems to be a meaningful chore
2, Follow more people from the EU, women, and non-white folks on Twitter
3, Explore magic, baking, and cheesy one liner motivational crap on Instagram
4, Stuff my internet stomach with newsletters.

Here are 3 cool finds in 2020 that I how look forward to devour every single day.

Instagram: jekiyoo, a magician.

He does fun magic tricks. That’s it. They are short, fun, and sometimes silly. They take me “offline” for a bit. Also I actually learn from it … Because to be able to enjoy magic is the ability to appreciate the fun in being in the tension of the impossible and possible. It’s this tension between “wait that’s impossible” and “how did you do it” that makes magic awe inspiring.

Twitter: Brian Roemmele

He is a very strange person. Perhaps that’s why the stuff he shares is mind opening. In the same hour, he would post a video of a dog with a helicopter tail, a photo of a wrinkle in time and space, and then a post about how some folks have this gift and curse of having hyper memory of every day of their life.

Oh, and so far his predictions of tech trend have been spot on. He made predictions that were years ahead of time. His write-up on the AirPods the day it was launched was incredible. Similarly, he ranted about the inevitable demise of the headphone jack back in … 2011, 5 years before Apple removed it from the iPhone 7!

YouTube: Accented Cinema

The creator grew up in Guangzhou and now lives in Canada. Him and I share the same accent – the canto-english accent. His videos are his take on movies. I think he is the only person that regularly looks at movies from Asia and the West. His videos are not reviews, but investigations by a guy who matured in environments of confusion and loneliness.