Super Heroes 🦹🏻

“Who is your super hero?” I used to ask this as an interview question. I liked it because it was fun and telling. I am 45 and I am to have some fun answering this question again.

Muse like Austin Kleon

and master the skill to be in awe with life’s most mundane things.

See like Esther Perel

and see the circle.

Produce like Seth Godin & Tyler Cowen

and show up like a real professional.

Don’t Give a Fuck like Kara Swisher

and feel the pain to be at peace.

Boss like Tobias Lütke & Matt Mullenweg

So I can say jazz, board meeting, and Starcraft in the same sentence.

Romanticize like David Whyte

So pain becomes the doorway to the here and now while ambition is frozen desire. 

Play the Violin like Maxim Vengerov

and grunt during a down bow.

Interview like Dan Harris

and play smart by playing dumb.



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