I Am Now A Gig Worker

I was hired as a Bravely Pro last week. Bravely is an online coaching company. It hires contract coaches (Bravely Pro- my latest professional moniker) to provide on-demand coaching to employees of Bravely’s corporate clients.

So yes, I am now in the gig economy. Instead of driving people around in cars or delivery food on mopeds, I am selling myself to coach (talk to) people, by the hour.

There are two reasons why I am doing this. First, I want to be part of this evolution of the mental wellness and coaching industries. The coaching and counselling are joining the gig economy. More people will have access to coaching and therapy as technology optimises the time of professional coaches and therapists. I am eager to see what the evolution is going to be like. I want to see how quality is maintained. I want to see how contract coaches are managed and developed. I want to see how Bravely builds its own brand of online coaching. I want to see what role I might be able to participate in this evolution.

Second, I was attracted by the feedback I got during the interview process. The toughest part of being on my own has been the lack of meaningful feedback. During the interview journey with Bravely, I was given feedback during every mock sessions, and was followed up by an additional feedback session with the head of all coaches. In total, I had 6 feedback sessions throughout the interview journey. This was exactly what I have been craving for- regular, timely, and uncomfortable feedback. The idea of being a part of a cohort of coaches coaching each other makes sense for my own growth as a coach.

The pay isn’t earth shattering, but it will be enough to feed my family, which definitely feels nice. The time commitment is also very reasonable. I will get to try this while reserving enough hours for my main hustle.

I am eager to get onto this journey.

I am now a gig worker. I am now a knowledge gig worker. I am now a middle-age knowledge gig worker. Yay.





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