I Am Now A Gig Worker

I was hired as a Bravely Pro last week. Bravely is an online coaching company. It hires contract coaches (Bravely Pro- my latest professional moniker) to provide on-demand coaching to employees of Bravely’s corporate clients. So yes, I am now in the gig economy. Instead of driving people around in cars or delivery food on … Read moreI Am Now A Gig Worker

Real Coaching That Actually Works

Yes, that was my wife and our daughter. This was the moment our daughter broke through and started riding the bicycle. I threw all the motivational talks, behavioural interventions, and Jedi-mindtricks I knew at our daughter. I tried to create small wins℠, dismantled dysfunctional coping mechanisms®, focused on systems™️ ….. Purpose, mastery, autonomy! I preached. … Read moreReal Coaching That Actually Works

“Quarantined” Coaching

The Verdict of Online Meetings Because of the coronavirus, I have been conducting coaching sessions via voice and video calls. I love them. Clients find them more flexible and accommodating. Yet, I actually prefer voice over video because video calls simply have more ways to go wrong. I am old school 🤦🏻‍♂️. 1) With video, in … Read more“Quarantined” Coaching

The Case for Cheap Micro-Successes

I needed a boost for my ego. enlivenworks.com, the website of my little leadership coaching gig, is up. It was built with WordPress, an unnecessarily more complicated option, instead of WIX or Squarespace. I wasted hours on it, because I was too proud. I was good at building websites. I built the site of a Student … Read moreThe Case for Cheap Micro-Successes

3 things I Stole from a Therapist

And I am applying them at work. Dr. Lee is a renowned family therapist. I took her courses because they offered live sessions for us to observe. I THINK YOU ARE RIGHT A wife complained about her husband’s lack of involvement. When asked how he saw the situation, after a long silence, the husband muttered, “I was … Read more3 things I Stole from a Therapist

Starting My Own Gig: First 6 Months

I ended my 20-year corporate career and started my own leadership coaching gig 6 months ago. During these first 6 months, a few very courageous souls and start-ups gave me the chance to beta-testing the corporate rah-rah I have hoarded over the years. Here are few observations: 1. “High-Performance; Low Potential”: Too often we divest from … Read moreStarting My Own Gig: First 6 Months

The Coach That Made Me Quit My Career

“Yea, video-tape your axx all you want. You think Kobe Bryant got great by only by watching VHS?” 6 months ago I decided to end my 20-year corporate career and started my own leadership coaching gig. There was one person that I blame this whole mid-life crisis on: One of my bosses at Nike. This was … Read moreThe Coach That Made Me Quit My Career