2022 in 22 Random Lessons

1. Kids need boundaries, and announcing them sternly (aka raising your voice without losing your shit) is clarity for them

2. To make crispier egg waffles, add beer

3. In life so many things are charging at you – mean boys, perfectionism, clean eating, neighbors’ dogs

4. Oh, and buy insurance that covers dog bite liabilities

5. Dive into Makoto Shinkai 新海誠’s cinematic universe. They enrich lives. Start with “Your Name 君の名は” 

6. Be vulnerable to kids, but you must also appear hopeful in your resolve

7. Old dogs (like me) can learn new tricks in this day and age because of YouTube. Learn something very new

8. Find a mantra that makes you patient instantaneously

9. Nurture girls to learn to function as a group. Boys gang up better because they are forgetful. Like dogs, boys forget about grudges and slights the moment there is a new shiny goal

10. Create new experiences with old friends. Don’t just reminisce 

11. Make separating your trash a rule. The inconvenience will make you buy less

12. A responsive parent (and boss) has to be okay to be hated for a time in the name of honoring reality

13. The older I get the better I used to be

14. To remove wax stain on your clothes, cover it with a piece of newspaper and iron it

15. To lead well is to be okay with resolving people conflicts and solving people problems

16. When making fried rice, fry the whites and the yolk separately, because frying unleashes the fragrance of the yolk, while the whites just need to be cooked

17. Replace all your shoelaces with elastic shoelaces

18. Set your cursor/tracking speed to the fastest. Not only does it improve efficiency, it makes you feel like a superhuman (and it takes only a few minutes of getting used to)

19. Remember all things, from the rise of AI to the crash of crypto to your girl becoming an obnoxious teenager, happen gradually, and then suddenly

20. 3 unami bombs for your meat sauce and soup – anchovy paste, miso, fish sauce

21. Learn to probe and facilitate well. Presentation and listening skills are so passé

22. Golden rule of a good life – Avoid situations where you have to change someone






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