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  • CCP @ 100

    CCP @ 100

    Anything that generates a lot of internal resistance is probably something we should pay the utmost attention to. Understanding Communist China is one of those tantalizing things. On one hand, the naive part of me wants China to be good. This is not because I am Chinese, it is because we all are stuck on […]

  • TikTok the Tipping Point

    TikTok the Tipping Point

    (Inspired by Ben Thompson, a tech writer, who wrote about US potentially banning TikTok) The Watershed I have worked and lived in China since the mid 90s. In the 90s, things were basic- Bus rides costed a few cents, there were no taxis, and plumbing was not a national priority. The 2000s were a watershed […]

  • 40 Years of Being a Hong Konger

    40 Years of Being a Hong Konger

    In the last few months, Hong Kong has descended into chaos. Riots, rallies, and street fights ripped through the city. I was born in the 70s, right at the watershed of the millennials and Generation X. I grew up with Nintendos and Japanese comic books. I lived through 1984 when the Mac and the Sino […]

  • The Panacea Against Tear Gas

    The Panacea Against Tear Gas

    The last few days forced me to come face to face with many sad realities. The only way to feel less hopeless, less helpless, and to have fewer regrets, is to make sure that every second of my short life I am working my ass off to become useful and good; the kind of usefulness […]

  • 中港台的爆


  • I went to Nio’s Shanghai store, and I said, “Are you serious?!”

    Tesla Killer? Definitely not now, and outlook not so good. What seems to be working: There is 1 production ready model (ES8) that is almost 50% cheaper than Tesla’s Model X. That’s promising. The car is cool. On paper, it is cool. They have a lot of investors and money. They can definitely raise money. […]

  • Cash/Card-less Hell in Shanghai

    “1st Class Chinese Citizens Only” Source: chinamoneynetwork.com I was in Shanghai this week for a business trip. I have been told how advanced China has become when it comes to electronic and mobile payments. Wechat Pay, AliPay, etc have leapfrogged many other countries. You can pay using these services for almost everything: taxis, groceries, meals, […]