What’s Keeping Me Up At Night ๐Ÿ˜จ

The 2020 election did not resolve this crisis of legitimacy. It found two Americas, very evenly divided, and at war with one another.

Andrew Sullivan

Our viewpoints.

My wife’s and mine.

The world is polarised.

But I am not sure if she and I would agree on this.

We are more susceptible to influence than we think.

I am quite sure she and I don’t agree on this.

We should always assume that our perception and judgement are inaccurate (not incorrect).

Yep. We don’t agree on this.

I am naturally not confident. She is very confident.

I am easily influenced. She is not.

I have been manipulated many times. She… I don’t know.

I worry if we have the patience to stay in this paradox, where we are supposed to both talk about this by not talking about this.

That Ginsburg’s advice “it helps sometimes to be a little deaf” needs to be practiced intentionally.

I worry if we remember to prioritize the time to each other.

But I think that’s the ultimate boss in this game I am in.

So, press start, and go.

This was inspired by the piece “Trump Is Winning. Democracy Is Losing.” by Andrew Sullivan