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  • The Very Useful Definition of Mindfulness

    I just finished listening to Lex Fridman’s interview with John Vervaeke. I have been hearing about John and found his ideas intriguing. He is a thinker and a narrator that I feel connected to. I enjoy his talks, but they are always heavy, which makes listening to him “work.” His content is heavy and complex.…

  • A Momentous Day: 24th of February, 2022

    A Momentous Day: 24th of February, 2022

    Today, Russia invaded Ukraine. At the same time, Omicron is ravaging Hong Kong. Unlike previous waves, COVID feels so intimate this time around. There are people around me catching it. I have found myself stressed out, anxious and short tempered. On the positive side, I have been paying closer attention to myself. I have become…

  • Why Meditate? 為何打坐?

    To meditateis to unlearn our relationship with time, self, and then reality. 打坐是重新認識與時間、自己、和現實的關係。

  • Side Effects of Anti-depressants: Accidental Mindfulness

    I have been battling with my mind for a few years now. I tried talk therapy, CBT, medication, meditation, exercising, morning routines, dusk routines, pre-sleep shut down routines, mushroom elixir, you name it. What I have learned is some of these might work for some of the time. Hence it is important that I accept…

  • What Joseph Goldstein Did To Me This Morning

    What Joseph Goldstein Did To Me This Morning

    When you become aware that your shoelaces have become untied, which they will, simply re-tie them and begin again. When you become aware that your boyfriend is cheating on you, which he will, simply dump him and begin again. When you become aware that your boss is slacking off, which she will, simply return to…

  • 為乜靜觀?


  • 鬼佬慈悲


  • Stop wasting your time on life hacks

    https://www.demilked.com/shitty-life-pro-tips-hacks/ Hack this instead. There are so many life hacks out there: morning routines, brushing with your opposite hand, intermittent fasting, swallow a live frog … One trait about all life hacks (or hacks in general), is that they are meant to save you time by offering you “secret” hidden guilty-free shortcuts. While some of these…

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  • A cockroach, Oumuamua, and squirrels.

    A cockroach, Oumuamua, and squirrels. I suffer from mindlessness. When coupled with other cognitive distortions and natural selection, I am the optimal lab rat for any socialists psychologists and Buddhism monks. It was 4:30am. I woke up naturally. I wondered, if I were famous, would this fact earn me an entry into one of Business…