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  • Routine – March 2023

    Context: Post COVID-19 in Hong Kong. Everything is back to normal. I am less involved in the school. Working to become a better writer. Trying to promote my business. Still trying to get a grasp of my own mind. I weigh 62 KG. Alternating Weekday Morning Routines: Alternate 1- Workout Morning:5:55am: Wake up, changed from […]

  • It’s the phone, stupid.

    Ah. Ok. I think I have a way to break the spiral of the morning struggle. Don’t start with the phone. Ok. Let’s see. What should the process look like? I need it for podcasts. Can I find another device to do that? Or will I be able to resist the apps? Will I be […]

  • Mornings 🌄

    These days, these pandemic / lock down heavy days, I have two types of mornings. Type 1: 430-5: Wake up 5-540: meditate 540-740: Breakfast, laundry, read, write Type 2: 430-5: Wake up 5-7: Exercise 7-720: Meditate 720-740: Breakfast, laundry, read. Why do I struggle with it? How am I struggling with it? First, I dread […]

  • Most useless hack: Morning routines of successful people

    She wakes up at 4:30 am. After two glasses of water, she heads to the gym for a 1 hour HIIT workout and weight training. She takes a cold shower, followed by a 25 minutes mindfulness meditation. Her breakfast includes nuts, yogurt, vegetables, and coffee. She is ready to take on the world before 7 […]