Routine – March 2023

Context: Post COVID-19 in Hong Kong. Everything is back to normal. I am less involved in the school. Working to become a better writer. Trying to promote my business. Still trying to get a grasp of my own mind. I weigh 62 KG.

Alternating Weekday Morning Routines:

Alternate 1- Workout Morning:
5:55am: Wake up, changed from 5:00am
6:00 – 6:20am: Walk Honey, do laundry, and freshen up (new vs last update)
6:20 – 7:30am: Workout at the gym
7:30 – 8:00am: Wake kids up, make breakfast for them and I
8:00 – 8:30am: Walk kids to school. Fav time of the day (new vs last update)
8:30 – noon : commute to coffee shop (right now Starbucks at Kennedy Town, switched from SB at Admiralty) Email, read, write, coaching calls
12:00-1:00pm: Lunch, wandering

Alternate 2-Meditation Morning:
Everything the same as above, except from 6:20 – 7:30am, I either meditate or take a walk.

Afternoons & Evenings:
Afternoons are a mixed bag of coaching calls, school work, and Dad chores.
2:00 – 4:30pm: Monday I take my daughter to Violin and Chinese lessons. Tuesday I teach an ensemble at school. Wednesday I support a cooking class. (somewhat new vs last update)
5:00 – 7:30pm: Cook and eat dinner (on Wednesday, date night with Sharon. Twice a month we see our therapist)
7:30 – 10:00pm: Walk honey with family, practice the Violin with daughter, play with them, sometimes shower my son, shower, read, bed time

One of the two variations of the morning routines per above.
9:00-12:00pm: Take daughter to swimming class and son to playground (somewhat new vs last update)
1200-14:00: Lunch routine at Lan Fong Yuen
2:00 – 5:30pm: Afternoon activities- Time with Fam: walking around town, do nothing at home. Shopping
5:30 – 8:30pm: Dinner at moms
8:30 – 9:30pm: Either go home, evening routine, or take them to Ho King

One of the two variations of the morning routines per above
9:00 – 11:00am: Practice Violin. Spend time with family (somewhat new vs last update)
11:00 – 1:00pm: Brunch/lunch at Bakehouse/LeVain/somewhere Western
2:00-6:00pm: Spend time with family, Sharon gets pampered and I take care of the kids. Cooking
6:00 – 8:30pm: Sometimes eat out. Walk honey with Family
8:30 – 9:30pm: Evening routine

Breakfast- chopped vegetables + beans + sometimes an egg + an Apple, Coffee.
Lunch- an Apple, some bread, some steamed vegetables
Dinner- cook at home or eat out

Same as last time: 10 minutes of stretching + 9 minutes of HIIT + 30 minutes of: abs, legs, one muscle group (chest, shoulders, back)

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