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  • 2022 in Podcasts

    2022 in Podcasts

    Fun stats, trends, my idols in the podcasting universe, my answer to the question “Should you create a podcast,” and top episodes

  • Year 2020, in Podcasts

    Summary: Last year podcasts opened doors to me. I got deeper into meditation, spirituality, and language. They gave me new tools to live life, and then, to cope with 2020. The takeaway from all the top podcasts in 2020 was “inevitability.” History is repeating itself. This saying is glib, but it is true, and very […]

  • TikTok of Newsletters and Podcasts

    What @math_napkin reminded me of was what @balajis said [email protected] and @SubstackInc, and what @benthompson said about @WordPress and his blog. Do we need another Medium of Blogger, or instead what’s missing is a TikTok of newsletters? And A16z’s @eugenewei ’s analysis on TikTok’s approach shed lights on how this could be applied into newsletter, […]

  • Year 2019 in Podcasts

    That messed up the trajectory of my life The Peter Attia Drive Podcast: “Sam Harris, Ph.D.: The transformative power of mindfulness” https://peterattiamd.com/samharris/ https://peterattiamd.com/samharris/ This particular podcast opened my eyes to Buddhism and meditation. It was one of those mysterious moments that things somehow just clicked. Since then, I was able to stick to a regular meditation routine, […]

  • Year 2018 in Podcasts

    (updated 2021 and changed original title “Podcasts in 2018 that brought me delight” to Year 2018 in Podcasts to make posts more consistent) An anarchist’s bakery, Captain Data’s wrath, Chuck E. Cheese, FUBR … “Making 2018 Meaningful”: Part 2: Podcasts An anarchist’s group of businesses in Ann Arbor that Obama visited The 😲 Moment. So many. How […]