TikTok of Newsletters and Podcasts

What @math_napkin reminded me of was what @balajis said about
@Ghost and @SubstackInc, and what @benthompson said about @WordPress and his blog. Do we need another Medium of Blogger, or instead what’s missing is a TikTok of newsletters?

And A16z’s @eugenewei ’s analysis on TikTok’s approach shed lights on how this could be applied into newsletter, and even audio.

Make creation simple- What is fundamentally important but hard to create in writing? Excerpting. Twitter shows that it is possible to get attention by great excerpting. @naval is the prime example. @david_perell is also great at it. But excerpting is very hard.

#GPT3 can fix this. Imagine an app that’s Grammerly on steroids. It creates great excerpts and titles for you. Or it evolves block writing and guide your writing with proven structures and styles – Hero’s journey arc, etc.

There is a lot more, but the last one final – Focus. What is the design that adds useful friction to reading? What is a algorithm friendly design for writing, for excerpts? Read a lot of recommendations on Medium is likely the old way.

Now onto audio …