Year 2004 (Bonus Track: 2003 in Retrospect)

A friend asked me this morning, “So what things did you check off in 2003 from your “101 Things to do in Life” list?

“If it has an item called “Stay alive”, then that would be the only one that would have been checked off.” I answered apathetically.

Reflections suck. They are trivial, energy wasting, time consuming and de-spiriting.

Anyways, I have to do it. It is in the air…..

2003 was bad. Bad for everyone. Bad for everything. Maybe it was good for Bush… wait, I think it is too early to tell. Maybe it was good for tong yin lin as well. But in general, it fucking sucked.

Loads of people died. The key is though, loads of people heard read talked about loads of people dying: the larger than life artistes, the lives of those who fell to SARS, the Americans and civilians in Iraq, the miners in china, the villagers in Chongqing, etc. I mean I bet if you look at the stats, i don’t think the number of people that passed away last year was significantly more than previous years or whatever. It was the exposure and the prominence of those who died and of the way they died. The Internet, the Appledailies, ,the Joe Smiths and Mary Chans around you, all contributed to this gloominess. Was it really that bad? Was 2003 really that depressing? I think in a way yes. I think so because I think it was hard to ignore some of the things that happened, and the grey future or saddening pattern or bleak future that these events portrayed: hk is heading nowhere, China’s growth is plagued by so many potential black holes, the direction of the US of A is heading under the leadership of Mr. Bush (As Michael Moore eloquently put it, “Dude, where is my country?”). So yea, if you look at it that way, yea, 2003 fucking sucked. Big time.

I am going to stop here. Because I am not going to allow myself to dwell in this sadness anymore. It does no good to anyone. Let’s turn the knob and switch the channel. Here is D-Siu’s own little overly optimistic 2003 reflection:

2003 was a good year. Mom’s work was tough but I thought she made contributions to our overall well being. She has been healthy. Dad had a relaxing year, probably spent some good time thinking about his retired life. Jung made a grand stride in his own development by making the decision to devote 100% into his passion. Sharon found a job she likes and had been progressing positively, both personally and professionally. Yoyo … remained fat and chubby and joyful. Erwin’s parents survived deadly illnesses and remained healthy, and they got the best seats for the Liverpool and Real Madrid games. Joyce found a good job, and apparently enjoyed being single. Violet remained happily employed and still shook involuntarily whenever happiness stroke her (and she shook quite often). Roxanna finally found a job in the States and her icq messages had been positive and happy ever since. Stephen finally got out of the shit hole, went back to hk after 3 years in Beijing. Tin Gor finally made a change in his life and moved on. Dai low continued to milk from his job, and his children are progressing fruitfully in the Outback. Josephine went through many stages in her life, both in terms of love and work, and had come out stronger than ever. Roy went back to hk, experienced a lot of new things, and are tiptoeing over the edges.

As for me, I am happy. I am happy that people around me are happy. I am happy that despite the grievances around us, the people that I care were happy, and in general living a meaningful life. I am happy that I am alive, and that I am surrounded by a great family and a bunch of friends. I am happy. I would say, 2003 was eventful, and through these events, I came to understand that shit happens, but it happens for a reason, and the reason itself is not the most important. What’s most important is that you look at it, laugh grieve cry giggle learn whatever from it, and move on. Cheesy eh? Well, how else would you live your life then?