Month: September 2008

  • Nike Bends Time

    Syracuse honors football great Ernie Davis, but the Nike swoosh wasn’t around in the ’60s.

  • Lisa

    I found this video on the demo of the LISA, the first GUI computer that Apple came out with (before the Mac). This guy was on a show and was demo-ing the new LISA. Again you ought to remember that this was the first ever GUI business machine. So there were tonnes of breakthroughs. The…

  • Apple – Jobs – 1997

    This was his Keynote @ the 1997 Macworld. #1, Jobs was back, #2, he brought in change, #3, in 1 year’s time, the new iMac was introduced, and Apple came back, Big Time. Steve wasn’t the CEO yet. He changed the board, added guys like Larry Ellison, and most important of all, Apple partnered with…

  • argh. why.

    pic from i don’t think i like this. i don’t like to dunk on McCain. i especially don’t like the concept of this shoe, but i do like the shoe. hmm. argh. why.

  • MC Jin

    i heard about him when he was kicking arses in the freestyle rap battles. He was a kid from hk and he rapped in style. I liked him because I thought he had brains. his comebacks were just so witty! this was the vid i saw back then and is still my fav among all…

  • Hong Kong Election

    i am posting this here not because i enjoyed the debate, but i do think this is meaningful. it is meaningful because this shows how ridiculous these election debates are in hk. i feel sad for the candidates, the tv channels, the producers, the supporters, the voters, the people of hk, the people of planet…

  • Don’t Mess With The Zohan!

    I just watched this really stupid movie. Typical Adam Sandler’s movie: silly, insensitive, and very funny. This is my fav scene of the movie. Why? 🙂 Phelps!! Go Phelps!