Get a Coach, Because 💩 Reveals

When some shit hits the fan, additional shit reveals.

When a flight is delayed, you see who has the courage to speak up, who complains kindly, and who is the Buddha.

When a waiter misses your order, you see who is rude, who is impatient, who needs constant validation, and who overeats.

When your boss lashes out at your peers, you see who will get promoted soon, who will likely lash out to their own teams, and who is checking Twitter.

When someone is yelling at the airline staff, when someone is cancelling her vegan salad, when someone is honing his “throw someone under the bus” skill, you might see how you judge, how you value yourself, and how hypocritical you are.

And when the same shit hits you, you see nothing.

Get a coach, or take more selfies.





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