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  • Understanding Comics

    Understanding Comics

    I finished the book “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud. It was written in the mid 90s. I already miss the book. The author helped me understand why I felt the way I felt while reading comics- how time transpired, how emotions manifested, how actions were imagined …. He also contrasted the comics between the east […]

  • Last Month of the πŸ’©2020 – A Pledge to Do Good

    Last Month of the πŸ’©2020 – A Pledge to Do Good

    This is it. The final month of 2020. I won’t waste time bitching about it. We have been bitching about it every day for the last 335 days. What can we do in the last 30 days to feel less useless? Do the work and find one cause that you feel good giving back to. […]

  • Become an Educator

    Become an Educator

    “In such uncertain times, does it still make sense for me to continue my “career”?”  “What are the most direct ways for me to make a difference in today’s chaotic world?” “How should I take my first step?” These were the most common questions applicants to the [Island Waldorf Teacher Training Program] asked themselves. Like […]

  • πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Smithfield; πŸ‘‹πŸΎ QRW

    πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Smithfield; πŸ‘‹πŸΎ QRW

    Today is the last day of school. It’s also the last day Island Waldorf School of Hong Kong will call this little location home.  Everything started with the Highgate House School Hong Kong, a Waldorf kindergarten. It was so different that two parents could not resist diving very deep into it. They read books, took teacher […]

  • β€œThe Education System is Broken”: A parent’s cop out.

    Which one am I? A parent who wants to figure out how to educate his kids, or one who wants to outsource education of his kids? What exactly am I asking for? My kids will be happy if I send them to a school, or my kids will be happy if I work together with […]

  • 9 Random Things in 2017.

    Something about us, from homemade soda to being a fake-rebel. Source: FIZZY WATER The best thing we have bought, has to be the DrinkMate (by a company from Ann Arbor). Nothing beats making your own soda water at home. I had to buy the machine from Taiwan, then the co2 canister from MongKok. It […]

  • We have homework and exams.

    β€œNo homework; No exams.” This is perhaps the most popular statement we love to use when describing our ideal form of better education. Throughout our interactions with the media, we could not stop them from summarising our school with this statement. We have witnessed, over and over again, posts with this statement would bait the […]