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  • A Freak Show #Tokyo2020

    I admit. This is a freak show. I am talking about the Paralympics. I want to hide it but this is how I really feel- This is a freak show. I would be pretentious if I claim to be very comfortable and supportive of the Paralympics games. I would be lying if I say I…

  • When Disabilities Become Super Abilities #tokyo2020

    When Disabilities Become Super Abilities #tokyo2020

    The games are here, the Paralympic Games.  The opening ceremony is powerful- robotics + art turns disabilities to superpowers. It’s a future we all want to share.  “We have wings” Watch the trailer of the opening ceremony here: https://lnkd.in/gFXeF_Qv

  • The Complete Summary Of Hong Kong At #Tokyo2020

    A summary of all the medals won by Hong Kong Athletes.

  • Are We Done Yet? #paralympics2020

    Are We Done Yet? #paralympics2020

    Are we done yet?No. We are just taking a break. The Games resume on August 24th.

  • Mother+Son Gold Medalists #Tokyo2020

    How cool is that?

  • When A Horse Makes You Cry #Tokyo2020

    When A Horse Makes You Cry #Tokyo2020

    Modern pentathlon, the Olympic sport where a horse brought an adult to tears, an event which required athletes had to fence, swim, show jumping on a horse, and “laser run” (pistol shooting and cross country running), an event where a coach punched a horse.

  • 攻めた結果 #Tokyo2020

    攻めた結果 #Tokyo2020

    The Japanese called last night’s baton exchange error the “consequence of the attack” – 攻めた結果.  They adopted a very aggressive and risky method to exchange the baton. They had to because they couldn’t run faster than the rules of biology. Generations of runners had worked on this method of baton exchange for almost 20 years,…

  • US 4 x 100m Fail #Tokyo2020

    US 4 x 100m Fail #Tokyo2020

    US dominated the 4 x 100m Men’s relay in the Olympics. They have won 15 gold medals from 1932 to 2000. Then, they began to suck: 2004: Lost to Britain2008: Dropped the baton2012: Disqualified – doping positive2016: Disqualified – changeover offence And yesterday, they messed up again. Meanwhile, other countries began to rise. Personally, I…

  • Logos #Tokyo2020

    I love observing how shoe brands compete in the Olympics: Who are they sponsoring, what are the designs, and … where are the logos. Check these photos out:  Photos of long jump athletes landing:  Brands put their logos on the bottom of the shoes of long jumpers so the swoosh and the 3 stripes were…

  • Rituals and Dedication #Tokyo2020

    Rituals and Dedication #Tokyo2020

    The costume, the rituals, the dedication. They are mesmerising.