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  • Year 2020, in Cool Finds

    I have been trying to ween off of social media in the last few years. I deleted my Facebook account. I tried to not use WhatsApp (but failed). I installed TikTok and had to throw my phone out of the window because TikTok was as powerful as The One Ring. Since then, I continued to…

  • Christmas 2020

    Christmas 2020

    I listened to Michael J. Fox’s interview with Terri Gross. He talked about gratitude. He has been battling Parkinson’s for 30 years. For him to share how he had to work on remaining genuinely grateful was a stern reminder of why we should and could all be truly grateful, often. He also talked about how…

  • Struggle Everyday

    I silence my mindget through the morning workoutdamn mind comes right back

  • 🏙

    The blue broad and wiltedThrough windows that chill the palmsBirds hutch over ledges

  • Why These Cliches Make Life Worse And Then Great

    The purpose of life is finally obvious. It is not fun. It’s dull. It’s not romantic at all. Not something we would see in a super hero movie. The purpose of life is to go through it, raise some human beings, do some good, do less bad, and see what happens. But we lose sight…

  • What Am I?

    “No one is stronger than the person who knows who and what he is.” Rabbi Sacks There are two indicators of one becoming old. First, it was when I could no longer see the digits on my watch clearly without extending my arm completely. The other was when I started to repeatedly re-ponder pointless existential…

  • Every Morning

    He frantically searchesFor an empty toilet stallI am glad I pooped

  • 💵 or 💳

    Cash or credit card?Apple Pay master card pleaseCash or credit card!

  • Why Meditate?

    Why Meditate?

    I started meditation in 2012 when the Headspace app was launched. Since then I have stopped, restarted, struggled, changed many apps, attended a 10 day silent retreat. Now, I meditate daily, and I am confident to say that I will be practicing meditation for the rest of my life. So why do I meditate? I…

  • 💔

    He suffered and diedI felt a new kind of painI am more complete